Lake Around Delhi

Enjoy the blissful beauty of the Lakes around Delhi Delhi may not be recognized as the water city of India however it can certainly as well as proudly possess of wonderfully manmade Lakes as well as the beautiful natural lakes that were in the recent times developed, modernized as well as preserved by the Department of the Travel and Tourism Board of Delhi. The water sports department of Delhi was started with the diagram to modernize the city into the most privileged travel as well as tourist destination of India that not only offer an experience to vision the beautiful World Heritage complexes as well as the memorials but also to alter the metropolis into an all-rounder in conditions of proffering the guests with a total gamut of the traveler attractions under the one roof.

The Bhalswa Lake

This well known lake is in recent times modernized Lake and it is prepared by the Development Authority of the Delhi. It is situated in the northeast border of Delhi. You can prefer from a diversity of the boating amenities like the paddling as well as the rowing, the Kayaking, as well as the shikara style of the boats are accessible at an extremely cheapest rate.

The Damdama Lake

This famous Damdama Lake is situated only 45 km away from the Dhaula Kuan, of Delhi as well as the 60 km from the ITO. It is ideal for a meeting place for all who are just looking for a tranquil destination away from the major crowd of the capital. Damdama Lake is one of the main Natural Lakes in Delhi.

The Badkhal Lake

The renowned Backhaul Lake, or the ‘Bedakhal Lake' located about 32 km from Delhi as well as it is one of the most famous Lake in Badkhal village surrounded by the Aravalli hills. The Lake generally remains dry in the summers however fills up by the monsoon time.

The Surajkund Lake

The Surajkund Lake or the ‘ famous the Peacock Lake' was initially a water reservoir in the ancient period and this lake constructed in the time of the 10-11th Century by the well known King Surajpal .

The eminent Old Fort Lake or the Purana Quila Lake

This beautiful Lake lies calmly at the foot of a hill located a few km southeast part of the India Gate and it attracts a lot of tourist for its beauty.

The India Gate Lake

This Lake located about 2 km away from the beautiful Connaught Place now recognized as the Rajiv Chowk. This artificial lake proffers boating amenities to all at the cheapest rate.

The Naini Lake

This Lake is also a newly man made artificial Lake positioned in the Model Town of the Delhi. It is encircled by little trees on the south banks.

Roshanara Garden Tank

Roshanara Garden reservoir is one more gorgeous pond situated in the northern thick ridge forest of the North Delhi which was built in the year 1650 by the Princess Roshanara, the beloved daughter of well known Emperor ShahJahan.